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In The Memory Of Tram At Paton Bridge

June 9, 2004 was the last day of tram operation at Paton Bridge. This is how almost 50-year history of tram connection between two river banks ended. This little project is aimed to keep the memory of stretch between Kontraktova Pl. and Leningradska Pl. photos and some historic data.

Each chapter contains photogallery with short description. For English readers we kept mostly information on trams, omitting some information which, in our opinion, is interesting to local people only. However, if you feel that you want more detailed information fell free to contact me.

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1. Some history, pictures of bridges XIX-XX c.

2. Gasoline tram to left bank.

3. Electrification of tram line and 1930-s.

4. First postwar years (1944-1950).

5. First postwar tram line (1951-1958).

6. Further development of network on left bank, plans and perspectives (1959-1969).

7. New housing estates in Rusanivka and Berezniaky.

8. Line Naberezhna - Darnycia (left bank) in 1970-s.

9. Line Naberezhna - Darnycia (left bank) in 1980-s.

10. Line Naberezhna - Darnycia (left bank) in 1990-s.

11. Line Naberezhna - Darnycia (left bank) in the boundary of millennia.

12. The last day (June 9, 2004).

13. Chronicle of line demolition.

14. Line at Naberezhne Szose today, route 5.
1. Some history
2. Gasoline tram
3. 1930-s
4. 1944-1950
5. 1951-1958
6. 1960-s
7. Rusanivka and Berezniaky
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