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In the history of post-war tram there was one line that existed for about three years and linked Voskresenska Slobidka and other housing estates with newly built Darnycia metro station, which was the terminus of single metro line in Kiev. For this reason the new tram route # 34 was opened while already existing routes # 29-33 were switched to this terminus. When one more metro stretch with a new station was constructed in 1968 tram line was dismantled. Pictured is one of T-2 that were servicing one of the routes at vul. Popudrenka

[~1966, з фондів музею історії транспорту]


Tram terminus near Darnycia metro station couple of days before the line was inaugurated. T-3 # 5066 is pictured near the tram stop. This terminus also saw some T-3 trains servicing route 34 in rush hours.

[.11.1965, Олександр Примаченко (з фондів ЦДКФФА)]


Panoramic view of Darnycia metro station building with bus and tram terminus.

[~1967, з колекції ЛІдії Пономаренко]


The view of this area after tram line was dismantled.

[1980, з колекції Віталія Баканова]

мироп-пан мироп-пан

The view of Myropilska vul. and Vodopark housing estate. Bratislavska vul. (in the right part of a frame) in those years was just a short and narrow street bordering new housing estate Vodopark (now this housing estate is known as Lisovy).

[.06.1970 & .03.1970, Олександр Примаченко (з фондів ЦДКФФА)]


New houses of Pivniczno-Brovarsky housing estate with T-3 train. The view from road junction at Brovarske Szose.

[.12.1970, Олександр Примаченко (з фондів ЦДКФФА)]

5162 і автобус

T-3 # 5162 route 33 pictured at Myropilska vul. is bounding for DVRZ while Ikarus 556 route 79 is bounding for Vodopark housing estate.

[.07.1970, Олександр Примаченко (з фондів ЦДКФФА)]


МТВ-82 # 1234 on route 27 bounding for Voskresenska Slobidka is pictured at Myropilska vul. somewhere between vul. Junosti and Chalette. This line was inaugurated in 1963.

[.01.1964, з фондів ЦДКФФА]

відкриття 21

One of the routes opened on newly built line was 21 Kontraktova Pl. – Voskresenska Slobidka. Pictured is РВЗ-6 during official opening of the route.

[05.11.1963, з фондів музею історії транспорту]


The interior of РВЗ-6 during its test run on route 27.

[.10.1963, з фондів музею історії транспорту]


As there was no direct tram service to Vodopark and Lisovy housing estates (although there were plans to build tram line there), bus route 79 linked those housing estates with Komsomolska (nowadays Czernihivska) metro station. Pictured is Ikarus 556 on a terminus near the metro station.

[поч. 1970-х, з фондів АП-2]


T-3 # 5161 on route 22, which since 1964 with only minor alterations run between Voskresenska Slobidka and ZZBK. The place where picture was taken is unknown.

[1960-і, з фондів музею історії транспорту]

ззбк-2ф ззбк-2ф

T-3 train # 5118/5119 route 22 (left photo) and T-3 # 5146 route 31 (right photo) at the terminus ZZBK.

[1960-і, з фондів музею історії транспорту]

дшк-рвз дшк-рвз

РВЗ-6 trams # 1601 and 1614 on routes 22 and 29 at the terminus DSzK (Darnycka Silk Factory).

[.06.1961, Wolfgang Schreiner (Aare Olander collection)]


The same place but now with T-2 tram # 5011 on route 28.

[.04.1963, Wolfgang Schreiner (Aare Olander collection)]


One more T-2, # 5015 at the terminus DSzK.

[1960-і, з фондів музею історії транспорту]


The view of Charkivske Szose from Leningradska Pl.

[.07.1975, А. Бормотов (з фондів ЦДКФФА)]


Charkivske Szose at the intersection with Bd. Jaroslava Hašeka (house # 7/13).

[.10.1962, Олександр Примаченко (з фондів ЦДКФФА)]


Charkivske Szose # 7/13 and T-2 tram.

[.08.1972, А. Бормотов (з фондів ЦДКФФА)]


Pryvokzalna vul. with T-2 tram at the background. First houses are still being constructed, while the street itself only recently became the thoroughfare form cars.

[.10.1962, Олександр Примаченко (з фондів ЦДКФФА)]


Here Pryvokzalna vul. looks almost like today, especially with ubiquitous T-3 trains.

[.10.1970, Олександр Примаченко (з фондів ЦДКФФА)]

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