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4. 1944-1950


4-1 4-1

These pictures are actually from war times. On left photo the view of riverside together with ruins of Chain Bridge and temporary ponton bridge as the only way to reach left bank.

[~1942, Stefan Mashkevich collection]

Another way to reach left bank, the easiest but only possible in winter time, is pictured near the ruins of Chain Bridge

[1943/44, ( )]

Temporary ponton crossing to the north of former Chain Bridge was the first one after the war and existed till the new Navodnycki Bridge was built.

[.11.1943, ]

The ruins of Demiivsky viaduct, which was constructed in ~1940 with the possibility of tram connection to link not only routes 1 and 10 but also in future the new tram line from Navodnycki Bridge.

[1943, ]
4-5 4-5

The same viaduct temporarily renovated. It will be rebuilt in 1949 and with tram line. However, this project also was never completed and tracks were removed during the reconstruction in 1970.

[1944, ]

The ruins of Chain Bridge. The third passing track - the most interesting as it was in semicircle form - is still visible. On the background are survived houses of Peredmostova Slobidka.

[05.1946, ]
4-7 4-7

The ruins of Navodnycki Bridge.

[1943, ]

The ruins of Navodnycki Bridge and temporary low-level pontoon bridge. Still the is no public transport between two river banks.

[1943, ]

The close view of permanent Navodnycki Bridge from the left bank.

[1945, . ˳ ( )]
4-10 4-10

Panoramic view of Navodnycki Bridge in 1946 from the hills which were easily reachable that time. On the right photo bridge footing of old Navodnycki Bridge is visible.

[.05.1946, ]
4-11 4-11

Almost the same place after 13 years and what are the changes!

[.09.1959, ]

One more panoramic view of Paton Bridge from the hills.

[1960, ]

Among the buses that crossed Dnieper serving a regular interurban line Kiev-Czernihiv was Saurer 14-26; this bus was in service till May 1954. Saurer is pictured on one of its intermediate stops at Kozelec.

[.02.1949, . ˳ ( )]

In such so called earth-house local people of Darnycia had to leave for some time after the war.

[1950, . ( )]
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