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2. Gasoline tram



Ruins of Chain Bridge


Motor car of gasoline tram in Mykilska Slobidka. These types of trams on ex-Nürnberg car bogie serviced routes in Darnycia between 1925 and ca. 1936.

[1920-і, з фондів ДНАББ ім. В. Заболотного]

Motor car with trailer near first Post Station building (loop at terminus).

[1920-і, з книги „Киевский трамвай за 40 лет"]

This tram line was also used for freight traffic. Freight and passenger trams with trailers met somewhere in Mykilska Slobidka.

[1920-і, з фондів музею історії транспорту]

Gasoline tram at Chain Bridge

[1920-і, з фондів музею історії транспорту]

Here tram is on the right bank of Dnieper. There was a passing track near the bridge in form of semicircle.

[1920-і, з фондів музею історії транспорту]
2-6 2-6

Parade of new rolling stock produced by KZET. Among cars taking part in parade gasoline car A-3

[1926, з фондів музею історії транспорту]
2-7 2-7

Motor car and trailer of gasoline tram after withdrawal from service pictured at Slobidsky tram depot. During last years of service it provided direct service without interchange between Podil and Darnycia.

[1930-і, з фондів ДНАББ ім. В. Заболотного]

There is some probability that this photo is not directly related to main topic. However, the vehicle bears some similarity to freight automobile railway car used at already mentioned Bucza peat extraction facility

[unknown year, з фондів музею історії транспорту]

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