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5. 1951-1958



Panoramic view of Kontraktova Pl. Pullmans are still servicing Pusca-Vodycia direction, while -82 are servicing Peczersk. Route # 28 as well as its prewar predecessor are departing from Posztova Pl. and will come here in couple of years.

[1953, ]

The construction of second track linking Vul. Sahajdacznoho with Posztova Pl. not only improved the service allowing passengers for better interchange at Kontraktova Pl. but also gave the possibility to introduce /-1 trams from Darnycke Depot.

[1959, ]

-57 arrived to Lenin (nowadays Lukjanivske) Depot as a gift from Leningrad and during January 1958 was on test run on route 28. Unfortunately, pictures of this car on route 28 are unavailable, but there are plenty of pictures on route 5 (including this one on Pl. Stalina). This route was serviced by -57 only and was closed when this car was withdrawn.

[.02.1958, ( )]

The view of Posztova Pl. and Naberezhne Szose. Tram and one of -154 buses servicing Darnycia. It is from this place that one can see typical American body style of -154.

[21.12.1951, ]

The same place almost two years later. -154 often served suburban routes; most of them in couple of following years were scrapped or transferred to other cities.

[07.06.1953, ]

Slightly different view of Posztova Pl. The switch between Peczersk and Darnycia direction are perfectly visible here.

[1963, ( )]
5-7 5-7

The view of Naberezhne Szose and embankment with already constructed pedestrian Bridge and remnants of Chain Bridge.

[1958, ]

The view of Naberezhne Szose from Paton Bridge. The former terminus of roué # 28 is perfectly visible with traction substation on its place.

[.04.1959, ( )]

Two -57 are pictured at Naberezhne Szose. In 1959 they serviced routes 29 and 32.

[1959, ]

Naberezhne Szose and Posztova Pl.

[1957, ( )]

#855 at Naberezhne Szose.

[03.07.1955, ]

Dnieper riverside and embankment. Still there is lots of place to walk and to enjoy the views. Now sidewalk is reduced, tram line is closer to buildings and the road has six lanes.

[.05.1954, ( )]

During dozens of years interurban buses to then villages of Brovari and Boryspil passed Naberezhne Szose and later on Paton Bridge. However, pictured is -154 servicing route # 17 (Petropavlovska Pl. - Dymer) bound for garage.

[31.08.1951, ]

Such an interlacement existed only couple of months. Car # 891 servicing route 28 is pictured while passing Podilski Vorota. Unfortunately the building was demolished in July 1951 and interlacement converted to ordinary double track line. The same year # 891 started its service in Konotop.

[1951, ]
5-15 5-15

One of the versions of modernized Pullmans performed by KZET in mid-1950s. Newly modernized # 1023 is pictured at Lenin Depot and after couple of years at Naberezhne Szose. In 1960 this tram was sent to Dniprodzerzynsk.

[1950-, ]

Apart from more or less traditional tram cars operating route 28, some unusual trams also appeared at Naberezhne Szose for a test run. Two-axle motor tram with trailer produced by KZET was aimed to serve little systems, mostly in Donbas area never came into production.

[end of 1950-s, ]
5-17 5-17

Two pictures from inauguration of Paton Bridge. Navodnycki Bridge is to the right and continues to operate.

[05.11.1953, ( )]

After tram route 28 was extended to pl. KP "Pullmans" became predominant. Car # 1024 at Paton Bridge bounding for pl. KP

[1954, ]

Panoramic view of Paton Bridge and a big park.

[24.05.1956, ( )]

Another view of Paton Bridge. Buses are still the most important transport.

[24.05.1956, ( )]

One more view of Paton Bridge and again no trams. In couple of years big housing estates will start to appear on what used to be green spots and villages.

[1959, ]

Only here one can see /-1 train bound for Socmisteczko (Socialist City).

[08.10.1959, . ( )]

Leningradska Pl. after first postwar reconstruction. What we now know as Prospekt Vozzjednannia was also reconstructed.

[.11.1958, ]

-57 of Darnycke depot in festive appearance at what nowadays is vul. V. Sosiury. Old loop of former terminus is visible and tram probably makes test run from newly built stretch to DVRZ.

[.10.1959, ]

Diahonalna vul. (nowadays Prospekt Gagarina) before tram line was constructed. Actually construction is in progress and before trams would come bus route # 18 links Szovkobud with Paton Bridge.

[14.12.1954, ]

Almost the same place at Diahonalna vul. but this time with trams. In mid-1950s Pullmans were either modernized or sent to other cities. After one year car # 1028 will be modernized and become -57 # 2015.

[.08.1956, ( )]

Tram # 1023 among news buildings of Socmisteczko reaches its stop at corner of nowadays vul. P. Usenka.

[.06.1958, ]

View of main road in DVRZ - Szose DVRZ with bus route # 2 that was serviced by two -154 and two -155 and was one of the most important bus routes in the city with frequency 12-15 min.

[.11.1950, ]

Szose DVRZ at corner of vul. Makarenka. Now some more bus routes are servicing this area with -155.

[23.05.1956, ]

Newly rebuilt block between vul. Makarenka and Volchovska. One can still see this square but no more flower-bed and buses.

[.10.1954, ]

This picture of Szose DVRZ is taken almost from the same spot as in 1937. Buildings are reconstructed and tram line was scrapped by local population in first postwar years.

[.01.1952, ]

Once there use to be a tram line but now there buses only.

[16.01.1952, ]

And finally trams are back to DVRZ. Tram # 2007 servicing route 32 to Posztova Pl. bounds for Podil.

[.02.1960, ]
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