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The view of Leningradska Pl. with /-1 train.

[29.08.1960, ]


T-3 train 5146/5147 crossing Pr. Myru approaching the stop Leningradska Pl.

[1960-, ]


Leningradska Pl. Darnycki department store is under construction and somewhere on the right part of a frame among the sands is Darnycke tram depot.

[.02.1960, ]


The view of Leningradska Pl., Prazka vul. and Charkivske Szose from Pr. Myru. Thoroughfare from Pr. Myru to Prazka vul. (both were one street before not so long) is clearly visible and remained till the second reconstruction of the square.

[.05.1964, . ( )]


The picture from almost the same time but now from Pr. Vozzjednannia. Pictured are T-2 tram and -695 bus.

[1964-65, . ˳ ( )]


Panoramic view of Leningradska Pl.

[.09.1968, . ( )]

-2 -2

Panoramic view of Leningradska Pl. with T-2 trams (to the left is 5005 on route 22) and /-55 train.

[17.06.1965, . ( )]

-3 -3

Panoramic view of Leningradska Pl. This is how the square looked like for almost 30 years before it was again reconstructed.

[12.08.1966, . ( )]


Panoramic view of Leningradska Pl. and Pr. Gagarina.

[06.12.1966, . ( )]


Intersection of Diahonalna vul. (nowadays Pr. Gagarina) and vul. Budivelnykiv (nowadays V. Sosiury). -57 route # 29 bounds for Darnycki Vokzal. Vul. Budivelnykiv those days existed as tram street only.

[.05.1958, ]

- -

Summer and winter view of Diahonalna vul. from the intersection with vul. Budivelnykiv. Part of vul. Budivelnykiv is still just a ground-covered path. The main tram type in this area were -82, mostly from Lenin Depot.

[.05.1958 1959, ]


View of Diahonalna vul. from Leningradska Pl. Pictured is -57 tram # 2002 on route 32 (this one bounds for DVRZ). Further away is -82 bounding either for DVRZ or Rembaza.

[.04.1960, ]

-2 -2

View from the same place but this time with T-2 trams and ubiquitous trucks.

[.10.1961 & .01.1962, ( )]


T-2 # 5024 on route 28 bounds for Podil and turns from Pr. Gagarina to Leningradska Pl.

[05.10.1963, . ( )]


T-3 train 5102/5103 of newly opened route 21 (Kontraktova Pl. – Voskresenska Slobidka) at the intersection of Pr. Gagarina and vul. Pavla Usenka.

[1960-, ]


Pr. Gagarina with lots of different trams.

[04.04.1965, ( )]

- -

Bd. Verchovnoi Rady (still under construction) at the intersection with vul. Budivelnykiv.

[.01.1960 .02.1960, ]


Part of vul. Druzby Narodiv, which later on became Prospekt Myru with new housing estate. -695 buses were mostly in service in this part of the city, replacing older -155. Plans were to extend tram line in this area but later on it was decided that buses should be enough.

[.07.1959, ]


The view of Pr. Myru from Leningradska Pl.

[.07.1960, ]


Pr. Myru with already functioning communal services house. Many buses are servicing local areas, most of them have terminus here. Pictured also typical for that time hawker's stand with groceries, barrel of wine and water automatic dispensers.

[1963, . ˳ ( )]


Pr. Myru at the very end, beyond are just small woods.

[1963, . ( )]

Bus terminus near Livoberezna Metro Station, inaugurated in 1965. Passengers are queuing for their bus. Possibility to travel by metro and then change for the bus became a good alternative to trams, especially for northern suburbs. Before the war this area was the central tram point in Darnycia, and several buildings of former Slobidske tram depot are not only visible inside the block but also exist now!

[. 1960-, . ( )]


This is how this area looks now with former central market square of Mykilska Slobidka. Tram hangars of former Slobidske tram depot are hidden in greenery beyond the 4-storey apartment house and now serve as local dermatovenerologic dispensary. Market moved left from 4-storey apartment house, occupying a part of former depot territory.

[27.05.2003, Kostj Kozlov]

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