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M.A.N. trolleybuses were manufactured in November 1938 by the German M.A.N. plant in Augsburg for the inauguration of trolleybus service in Czernivci (then Czernowitz),

M.A.N. # 17 on vul. Lenina just left the stop near the Opera House. It is followed by JaTB, which is ready to cross Volodymyrska vul. The frequency is not bad at all as for those crisis times!

[07.05.1947, ]


M.A.N. # 14 turns from vul. Lenina onto Chrescatyk. Pretty clean trolleybus is shining with new paint, although there are no windows on its doors.

[22.05.1947, ( )]


A different view of about the same place (intersection of Lenina and Chrescatyk). M.A.N. # 17 on route 1 with the central department store at the background.

[1946, ]


Pl. Stalina and the beginning of Chrescatyk. Pictured is M.A.N. that could be # 14. However, wheel paint is slightly faded if we compare it with one of previous photos.

[1947, ]

- -

The view of even part of Chrescatyk. One of M.A.N. on route 2 bounds for railway station, while people in the left part of a frame are waiting for tram. On the right picture tram (route 3) has arrived. This is X car probably # 850, built in Kiev in 1930.

[22.05.1947, . ˳ ( )]


One more view of Chrescatyk from Pl. Stalina. M.A.N. trolleybus stopped opposite house # 2 near the intersection with Triochsviatytelska vul.

[1947, ]

One of M.A.N. trolleybuses inaugurates trolleybus service in Dnipropetrovsk at Pr. Karla Marxa on 7 November, according to a Soviet tradition. Kiev fleet numbers are already gone, while Dnipropetrovsk numbers are not painted yet.

[07.11.1947, ]

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