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This web-page is about urban transportation in different countries. Electric transport of Ukraine occupies central place. Apart from virtual phototrips form modern times one can find here some historical photos (not available for all the cities), network map and information about rolling stock.

Each Ukrainian city has its own chapter which opens with general description of the system with list of routes. Currently this is mostly available in Ukrainian only, so check Ukrainian version of the same page. I apologize for the English reader but if such a reader is interested in electric transport of Ukraine, I assume that he/she has some basic knowledge of Cyrillic alphabet (which is usually enough for geographic names). Data on route length and time are given for return route. As for number of vehicles servicing the line, if there is one column this means both maximum number of vehicles in workdays and weekends. These data may slightly differ from actual one, especially in evening time.

The history of network developments is given only if I have my own data (more detailed information is expected in the book, which is being prepared by several authors). The main aim of photo galleries is to show the city and its electric transport, so galleries are divided by segments, and if there are many segments, special map showing them is attached in "Network maps" section.

"Network maps" section contains one or more maps with unified design. They have tram and/or trol routes, railways with stations, hydrology, route numbers, route termini, street names and depots. All names are given in Ukrainian. The maps are to scale. If there is a technical possibility, maps with names of the stops are also given; in this case the location of stops is not to scale.

"Rolling stock" section contains a table of trams and trolleybuses as of January 1 of current year (usually updated each February). Vehicle names are given in original transliteration, thus some of them can be in Cyrillic. These data are given according to official reports and sometimes year of production means year when this vehicle was included in roster.

Unfortunately, municipal bus companies in almost all cities either disappeared or were privatized during our long-lasting transition period. Therefore, only some pictures of different buses are available and they will be placed in "miscellaneous" section.

As for other countries, cities with trams (or trolleybuses) occupy central place. I tried to cover as many interesting places (from my point of view) as possible. However, due to time constraint, some routes can be represented in details and some not. Since I don't have official information about rolling stock, there is no such info. Network maps are only given for cities that I explored thoroughly and other resources with maps are scarce.

As galleries are usually compiled after short visits to particular places, or even when some time passes since such visits, errors might occur in both labelling the place or interpreting certain facts. In case you have any comments or amendments, please feel free to contact me.

Kostj (Kostiantyn) Kozlov

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